Recent Before & After Photos

A chair to sit on.

To see the before and afters of a soot cleaning are pretty cool. What once was dirty and had soot caked on is now clean and can be used. Our crew gets into the ... READ MORE

Minor electrical fires happen all the time.

Electrical fires can spark at any moment. A power outlet always has power running to it, so long as the breaker is on. This means that it can catch fire even if... READ MORE


We pay attention to the details! When we clean our clients' contents, we do so thoroughly. Every nook and cranny gets scrubbed clean. This pizza pan was no easy... READ MORE

Drying with minimal demolition

For some commercial jobs, the customer asks that we minimize how much demo needs to be done. For this job, we drilled holes into the bottom pieces of the cabine... READ MORE

Duct cleaning on any sized building

Registers trap dirt so easily. It is important to clean register covers and duct systems, so you're breathing in fresh, clean air and not dirt particles and oth... READ MORE

You can't prevent them all.

You cannot predict when a water loss will occur. You can't always prevent one, either. This family went on vacation for a week, and when they returned, they not... READ MORE

Wet ceiling tiles

Sometimes the most unexpected places have water damage. This storage closet was found to have a ceiling tile with water damage. We pulled the ceiling tile from ... READ MORE

Antimicrobial now, no mold later

When a room takes on water damage, there is always the possibility that mold will have an opportunity to grow. Extracting any standing water is a vital part of ... READ MORE

Don't be a stick in the roof!

During a storm, things go flying! Tables can knock over, and chairs swing back. In this case, during a storm, this little stick flew across the yard to lodge it... READ MORE

This house repaired after a storm.

This house, split in half during a severe storm by a tree falling through the roof, had significant damage. We worked closely with our subcontractors to repair ... READ MORE